Sue Rockwell

Managing Broker, Premier Homes Director

C: 206.683.0303
O: 206.527.5445

In 1986 Sue bought her first home in Bryant with her husband George. While this was a monumental and exciting time the purchase of the for sale by owner home didn’t come without its challenges and stressors. The stressful experience ultimately propelled Sue into a 30+ year real estate career. She was motivated to change the way people experienced buying a home by keeping the stress to a minimum and the joy to a maximum.

Over the past 30 years, Sue has been a trusted advisor to her clients; many being repeat clients. Sue knows that everyone’s reason for buying or selling is rooted in different life circumstances. She listens first to her client’s needs in order to gain a better understand in providing the appropriate approach to the specific client. She is regarded highly by her clients in her ability to deliver the perfect balance of information and compassion during one of the most exciting times in someone’s life.

Working with Sue means that you get to focus on what matters most to you while she handles the details in the background. Her experience has proven her to be a top negotiator and advocate for her clients and their investment. She does this by putting their interest and safety at the forefront of her mind.

"Sue Rockwell and her assistant Mallory went above and beyond in helping me buy my first condo. They were determined to explore every avenue with me, offering advice, recommendations, and insights into each potential condo we toured that they found based my description of what I was looking for. When I knew I found the one they were extremely active and persistent, sparing no time to make it a priority that we lock up a deal at the rice price. They were great negotiators as I got the deal I was looking for and the communication between us couldn’t have been better. I felt taken care of knowing they truly cared and were excited to help me in this important life moment. I’m so happy I chose them and will definitely use Sue again. Both of them still check in on me to see how I’m doing and if there’s anything else new that they can help with or answer questions about, even though it’s been months since I moved in! Amazing service, extremely professional, and the nicest real estate agents my mom had ever met, and she has worked with many. Thank you Sue and Mallory!" - Luke Evans

"I would highly, highly recommend Sue! Our contact with Sue started when we knew we were to move from Dallas to Seattle. Sue “interviewed” both of us by phone about our home “requirements” and our tastes. She never got discouraged as she learned ... that my wife and I had clearly very different tastes!! She spent quite a bit of time making us understand the different sections of town, with their advantages and disadvantages. She also set us up with Zillow which allowed us to do our own research. We then went to Seattle for a 2 full day-weekend of looking at homes with Sue. She was extremely well prepared and had taken into account the houses we had found with our own search. The difficulty for her, was that our search was extending from appartements to condo, to town-houses to houses!! Her wide range of houses to visit allowed us to narrow down our choice, and we found a perfect townhouse! Sue’s help and guidance was just starting as she guides us through the buying/bidding process. She “held our hands” during the whole process and, after that, way beyond the call of duty! She knows a whole network of contractors, and she helped us immensely in solving small and big home projects, getting all the services transferred... I am forgetting how many times we called her for “this or that”!! Including gym/workout places, shops ... To summarize and stop here, Sue (and her daughter) have become our first friends in Seattle!" - Anonymous

"Where do I even begin? Sue is 100% responsible for us getting the home we have. We called her with a crazy request, help us decide in less than 48 hours if we should make our first offer on a house in the crazy Seattle market. She committed the next two days of her time to seeing the house with us, getting per-inspections scheduled, and helping us write a compelling offer to be presented. Her expertise and presence at the offer review to work directly with the sellers helped "seal the deal" and after the craziest two days of my life, we had a home! Sue made sure we felt that we were her #1 priority during those two days and was just as amazing after the offer was accepted in helping us navigate the appraisal and closing process. She was present at all critical points of the process, before, during, and after and helped us "first timers" really understand, feel comfortable, and confident throughout. She provided a level of service that has convinced me that she is truly one-of-a-kind. I do not hesitate to sing her praises to anyone interested in buying in Seattle and highly recommend her." - Anonymous

"Sue was an incredible Realtor, I had a fantastic experience working with her as well as Mallory. Being a first time home buyer, there was a major learning curve for me in understanding the process of purchasing real estate. Sue was very professional and patient in taking the time to explain her methods and expertise. She was an expert in negotiation and was able to come up with answers to any questions or concerns I had in a fast and reliable manner. She is extremely hard working professional and truly cares about getting the most for her clients. I would highly recommend Sue Rockwell!" - Alex Patterson